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Thanks for checking out my site. You’ve probably figured out by now this site is dedicated to my book, Pandora’s Chase, as well as sharing with you my journey to get it published traditionally.  As far as I know, this is quite a difficult task as most houses publish only so many titles per year (anywhere from a handful up to maybe less than a hundred per my research to date).

What I know so far:

  1. You have to write the best manuscript you possibly can
  2. Then revise it, and revise it, and revise it as much as you can handle until you’ve reached your absolute best work possible.
  3. Then try to find an agent to have them submit it to the publishing house.
  4. Once you have an agent and a publisher on the hook, pray it stays on that publishers ‘list to publish’ until the day it gets printed. I’ve heard they can still pull it the day before it goes in! (What a bummer day that would be!!)
  5. Once published, enjoy having your book read and JUDGED by your peers!!  That part scares me because I love Pandora’s Chase, good or bad, it’s a fun ride for me.

What I’ve done so far:

  1. I spent 4 years writing, revising, writing, adding characters and scenes, revising, rewriting…on and on. It truly is in the best shape I can make it today (03.03.2015)
  2. (This is towards the end of #2 above.) Sent it in to my editor whom I am very excited to hear back from. I’m hopeful for some great feedback and I’m excited to revise it again for the last time before sending it in for proofreading. (Performing grammar, punctuation: and spilleng  are not my strong points….I’m a dreamer!)

Stay tuned as I post here things I learn, setbacks I experience and victories we accomplish.  I hope you enjoy the ride!

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