A Write kick in the rear…

Okay! So it’s been nearly three weeks since I’ve posted anything. Sorry about that, a friend in the office had warned me today.

“You need to write more.” He said looking up at me from his squatted position on his office chair. The tone was well executed. It was soft but had the hint of sternness experienced men have that just make you want to acquiesce to their request.

“I know Jack.” I replied. I knew why I needed to write more but I didn’t know why he knew. Does he think my writing sucks? How does he know? I thought, I know I need to improve but is this the way you tell someone, Jack. My mind raced for a moment but then realized I could just ask him what he meant. “Wait, what do you mean, Jack?” I said.

He’s a kind man, older, loves science like I love Jesus. I respect him. He’s a real non-bullshitter kind of man so he simply replied, “You’re last post was back in April. Every day. You need to write every day, Tyler.”

He knows it, I know. As writer, an aspiring author, I need to be writing every day. Not necessarily a blog post every day but something. Something with meaning, something with heart, something that takes Pandora’s Chase a bit farther and most definitely something with spaceships and aliens and cool weapons and junk and stuff!

Thanks for a right kick in the ass Jack!

Truth be told, I’ve been a bit…well Bilbo said it best, “I feel thin Gandolf. Like butter that’s been spread over too much bread.” (Paraphrase)

I have my hands in a lot of cookie jars at the moment and I’ve let that distract me from my commitments here. I have been working on the revision since the manuscript has returned from the editor so there’s a bit of a warranted excuse there, but other life things just have to live on a higher tier than this right now.


The revision, honestly, has been going really well. I love nearly all of the comments she made and I’m also coming up with other ideas for revisions I’d like to include.  I already incorporated one large one and am very excited about it.

After all the edits from myself and the editor are in, the story will be far more…exciting! Which is what I like in a journey through space.

Contained within the editing package I received were basically three types of comments (188 in all).  They are:

1) Light comments, relatively easy to adjust comments; like’m or not, your choice to use them.

2) Heavy, real good thinkers. The kind that, if you don’t watch yourself, could make you shred the manuscript as is and start over. Not to worry, those comment require a good deal of consideration and thought and you’ll be fine. Just think it over before you do a lot of typing.

And then there’s 3) My favorite – PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE. She has strategically placed comments of praise in perfect locations to lift me up just when candor was drilling me down into my chair. Brilliant, I needed them and they are wonderful. Maybe I’ll list them on a blog post for you.

Right now I’m nearly through all the comments.  I put aside all of the number 2’s, took care of all the number 1’s and memorized all of the number 3’s!

I’ll be starting from the first page and going through again incorporating the stuff from the number 2’s. Then hopfully off to the proofreader!

Alright, enough on that! On to new stuff…actually I have to go.  I have more for you though….I’ll post again with stuff on the site, twitter, Facebook and yes…..LOCKHEED ELITE!!!

Cya soon…

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