I hear it’s a good thing, as a writer, to put a little biography on your website. It’s sort of a way to give people an account for your writing life. Given my short writing background, I’m not really sure how to do that so I guess I should answer for you one simple question…

Why do I write?

I write because.

I know it sounds like a fake answer or a cop-out or maybe, if you know me, a bit of a widely missed attempt at a quick joke.

To be honest, I’m a pretty decent writer, but I wish I could tell you I write because I’m really good at it. That I have an extraordinary list of original prose that you’ve already enjoyed. I wish I could tell you about the many years I’ve toiled in front of a white screen staring back at me with a blank look. I wish I could tell you about the hundreds of rejection letters I suffered trying to get published only to find that one that changed everything.

But I can’t do that.

I can only tell you that I’ve been writing for the last six years, that I am a structural engineer and that day in and day out I’m face deep in calculations and drawings with an inbox relentlessly telling me what’s next; desperately eyeing the very first day I can write as a full time writer. I can only tell you that my entire life has been one of countless immersions in stories both on the screen and in the pages of a binding. Inspiring me. Building me. Storytelling me.

I have been ripped from a typical daily grind over and over again and thrown into alternate realities only to walk next to the one who must take and destroy the ring, to follow the life of an orphaned boy as he seeks the ones who killed his troupe, to explore the London Underground while chased by two crazy men. These of course are stories by the greats that I dare not name here because truth be told…I can’t hold a candle to them.

I write because maybe, just maybe, I could lay down that one story that will take someone I will never meet on a ride they will always remember. Maybe some kid comes across one of my pieces and gets an inkling to pick up a pen and twenty years later their stories takes the world by storm. I write because I love stories. I write because so many before me picked up their pen and poured out their heart and risked total vulnerability. Today, because they wrote, and some continue to do so, we have countless bookshelves littered with beautiful and amazing stories. Original pieces that inspire us and wake in us that addiction that says, “One more chapter, then I’ll go to bed.”

I write because.

From the abyss of my love for stories, thank you for visiting my little world. I truly hope you enjoy the ride.