Lockheed Elite

Lockheed Elite Cover - A Science Fiction, Crime Adventure Novel

Literary Titan’s Silver Book Award Winner – September 2017 (Science Fiction)

RECOMMENDED by The US Review of Books

“Never failing to entertain, Lockheed Elite establishes characters who could recur in a series that would find a loyal audience. Lockheed Elite stands out as a captivating, well-plotted science fiction novel that’s loaded with action and intrigue. It’s a rollicking sci-fi tale with twists and turns one does not always see coming.” Foreword Clarion Reviews

“Tyler Wandschneider’s Lockheed Elite is a thoroughly enjoyable sci-fi crime adventure akin to an episode of Firefly than anything else.” -Literary Titan

“… is full of interesting explorations, technological innovations, and a plethora of plot twists. The author’s skill in character development results in highly relatable and sympathetic protagonists as well as a detestable antagonist.” -The US Review of Books

In this sci-fi crime adventure, Captain Anders Lockheed unwittingly hires an undercover operative and takes the bait that draws the attention of the very mastermind he’s been avoiding. In no time, Anders and his band of mis-fits find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place and decide they must engage the military and pull off a monster heist to protect their crew from the heat mounting on both sides of the law.

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“Okay. So I loooove sci-fi; the classics like Bradbury and the new kids on the block like Weir. This series and this author will not disappoint soft and hard fans of the genre. Even those who have never delved into the world of sci-fi before will find this series entertaining, emotional, and exciting. Lockheed Elite gripped me right from the first word for two reasons: deep and believable characters, and subtle but edge of your seat action. I have so much to do, but I can’t stop reading this series! It led me to check out an excerpt from Pandora’s Chase, this author’s upcoming novel, and I am completely hooked there as well. Tyler, I think you will walk amongst the sci-fi giants very soon. Looking forward to reading more from you!”

– Jae Mazer (Author of Chrysalis and Clan)


“Really enjoying this. You have a gift for dialogue, that’s for sure. Look forward to the next chapter.”

– Carol Anne Shaw (Author of You Can’t Judge a Bookstore by its Coven)


“Just finished reading to chapter 2 – great start to the story. Really enjoying the idea of the story so far and mixing in a strong female character. Wondering what’s in the Destroyer!”

– Mark J Diez (Author of The Rise of Al’daer)


“This is one of those rare books that you want to continue reading after you’ve read “The End”. The characters are well drawn and shown to evolve over the space of the book, the plot is well thought out, the action is continuous. I can only hope that Mr. Wandschneider will write more novels using this set of characters and universe. I, for one, will always be happy to purchase and read such books. This was as good as any of the old science fiction masters wrote, and equally enjoyable.”

– Raymond KoonceAvid Book Reviewer