goodreads review posted

At times, if I can’t help but share a good story, I may post in here a link to a review/recommendation I’ve posted on goodreads.  You can also look in the goodreads window below for other reviews, recommendations and such as part of my membership there. But every once in a while, I will make … Read more

This is SeO Crazy!!!

FYI- SEO = Search Engine Optimization—I’m sure everyone who reads this knows this already. Well I didn’t and this is my blog so you’re gonna have to deal with it. Anyway, I thought I was finished working on the SEO stuff for the site but as it turns out I’m not even close. My advice if … Read more

Search Engine Optimization…

Just finished adding to the site some search engine optimization tags….or something technical like that. Basically I’m trying to get google or bing to display my site at the top of the first page when you search my name.  So far things like Facebook and linked in come up on the first page and then … Read more

Now that that’s done…

As you can see the site is pretty much set up to my liking.  I tried to keep it simple and appealing and more about the book and less about me…until we get here…the blog.  I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to it but such is the times. Up next… Still waiting on the … Read more

Website conundrum…

Since this blog post is about setting up the website for Pandora’s Chase, you may be reading this by the time I’ve conquered my problem but I’m writing it real time anyway as I vowed to share my journey with you. Before I started building the site, I imagined a real simple couple pages starring … Read more