This is SeO Crazy!!!

FYI- SEO = Search Engine Optimization—I’m sure everyone who reads this knows this already. Well I didn’t and this is my blog so you’re gonna have to deal with it.

Anyway, I thought I was finished working on the SEO stuff for the site but as it turns out I’m not even close. My advice if you’re doing what I’m doing (being an Author and trying to do the technical do-hicky dance) then my advice would be to get some advice from smarter friends than I.

I’m pretty smart but when it comes to this stuff (html code, meta tags and overall SEO jargon, etc.) I’m stuck wishing I had a tiny SEO fairy in my pocket to pull out and place on my keyboard and give her a cup of fairy coffee and watch her get it done!

Ok enough with that….

And on to this….

I’ve started writing the serial that will be posted on it’s own page here so keep a look out.

see ya

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