Something I did not know…

Hi y’all, I wanted to share with you something I learned quickly about contacting (querying) an agent.


In order to get published through a publishing house, you’ll need to find an agent and how you find and agent is by sending them what is called ‘A Query Letter’. They all know what it means so you don’t need to be sneaky about it. All that means is contacting them and telling them about you and your project, by their preferred method so do your homework. Most require an email query, some require an email query and a synopsis (more on that one later) and few require a snail mail letter.

Back to what I learned:

I did some research (apparently not enough) on how to write a query letter and then I ventured out and wrote mine. I thought I did a really good job describing my project while keeping the integrity of the secrets of the story a mystery. Well as it turns out, I learned by way of having an industry professional review my query letter, it’s not a good idea to keep the twists and details of your plot a total secret from the person you’re hoping will want to try and sell your book. Dummy, I said to myself, how else are the agents going to know the potential of your story?

By sharing the details and twists, including names of characters and such, you’ll draw the Agent into your story and get them involved. It’s not only a good thing it’s a must thing! I feel my letter is much stronger for it now.

The idea is to pique their interest enough to get them to ask for your manuscript to read it, then, and only then, will they decide to offer you a contract to try and sell your manuscript to a publishing house.

Learning and growing, thanks for playing along.

See ya,


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