The Return of the Manuscript…

I finally got the manuscript back from the editor!  Well I got it back about ten days ago but who’s counting, yeah? And I say finally not because it took longer than it should but that I am an impatient person for things like this.

Why did I wait 10 days? Well, there’s many reasons but the one most at the front of my brain probably is the fact that I needed to digest the information I got back for a little while and here’s why.

Mostly I’m the kind of person that likes to be praised and encouraged. I have a hard time, but will accept, unsolicited constructive criticism. What I got from the editor was NOT a list of reasons why my book is awesome (which I’d love to see) or a bunch of comments about what a wonderful writer I am. Nor did I receive a comment stating, “Your book is amazing and it will get picked up by an agent and publisher right away. Congratulations, you’ve made it.”

Though I secretly hoped for statements of praise like that, I received exactly what I originally wanted…a non-biased evaluation of the story I created from the view point of an industry professional whom has never met me or read my work.

I got it and it was hard at first but I slowly realized (hence the 10 day wait) what a blessing it was. Candor is under rated and we should embrace it. She told me, as she saw it, exactly where my plot holes are, my weaknesses and strengths and my manuscript is littered with comments about ways to make small and large adjustments to make the story stronger.

To say in the least that I am excited to get back into finishing this book is a profound understatement.  I’m very excited.

Thanks for reading along and I can’t wait to take you on this ride with me.

PS – Stay tuned for a secret way to receive a sample of the book.

see ya

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