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So this crazy cool thing has been happening over the last month or so. Before I get into that I should give you a little bit of backstory of what I’ve been up to regarding writing and publishing since it ties into it.

As an aspiring author you not only have to write the thing you want to put out there but you also have to have the ability get out there and sell your product.  There’s no question about that, even publishing houses expect you to sell your book when they pick you up. So naturally I thought, “OH Facebook and Twitter. If I could get a huge following on there that would help a ton.”

So I got out my trusty laptop and made my author page on FB, my Twitter account, my profile on Goodreads and more and started collecting likes, friends and followers.  Facebook was first and it was slow, mostly just got my Facebook friends to like my page. It was a little slow for my expectations so I started to do some research.

While researching the effectiveness of social media marketing I found that there is a counter-intuitive truth about what social media can provide with regards to promoting your work.

Here’s what I found: Promoting your stuff on social media is NOT as effective as you’d hope. I’ll give you numbers to support this but I can paint a picture with a simple question.  What percentage of the total tweets and posts that go by on your accounts do you actually read and furthermore engage in? If you’re like me, that percentage is low and I’m an average person so I’m guessing that’s a very common occurrence.

Think about it for a second, if you’re not tuned in on twitter the moment a Tweet has been sent…you’ve missed it…unless you scroll endlessly and if you’re doing that then you’re not really reading Tweets. I read a report that said less than 2% of tweets gain and impression, keep in mind, an impression is NOT engagement! Engagement rates on tweets are nearer to 0.1%.

Say you’d like to sell one book from one tweet or FB post. If 2% of your followers are able to see your post and then you’re lucky enough to have 20% (much higher that 0.1%) of them actually act and buy your book.

You’d need 250 followers just to sell one book!!

Say you make $3 for every book sold and you’ve invested $1000 while publishing your book.  You need to sell 333 books just to break even.  Guess what?  You now need 83,333 followers just to break even! And that’s with 20% of your 2% impressions buying your book.

This is discouraging.

I think it’s safe to say that in no way can we rely on social media marketing to sell our book.  “So, Tyler?” I can hear you asking, “Does that mean we should do away with social media altogether?”

I would say absolutely not for many reasons but I’ll share with you the one I wrote this post to tell you about.

I have been on twitter for about a month now and I have almost 200 followers and here’s the cool part, nearly every one of them is another author eager to connect, eager to share ideas and eager to help each other out.

It’s fantastic and I have been coming up with ideas on how to leverage that kind of connection, one of those ideas is interviewing authors about their experience in publishing their work.  (Sign up for the Shout Out to read those and Lockheed Elite.)

I’m excited and I’m honored to be connected with so many others like me.  We just want to take people on a ride, we want to let people see how my mind works and tell stories, I want to leave something behind when I go.  And I hope you enjoy the ride!

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cya friends!

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