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I’ve been REALLY busy lately.  Most of the summer since April I’ve been rebuilding my deck so my time to write has been super limited.  However, I have been keeping up on my reading and by some miracle, have been writing a little too.

Writing updates:

Pandora’s Chase – Since the return of the manuscript from the editor I have gone through all of her comments and have incorporated all of the minor changes that I accepted. I have about 4 full pages of notes/outlines of the major adjustments that I’d like to see invested into the story.  LAST NIGHT I STARTED IT!!!!!  So excited to get back into revising this.  I’m really looking forward to seeking representation for it but I need to finish the revision and send it in for a proofread first.  I should be able to do this in the next couple of months.  I think by September 1st should be a good goal for this.

Anyway, stay tuned on more updates on Pandora’s Chase.

Lockheed Elite – EPISODE ONE – ACQUISITION, STARSHIP HAS BEEN WRITTEN!!! Well the first part of episode one is finished.  Part one is already almost 10,000 words (nearly 40 pages) so I decided to publish episode one in two parts.  I’ll be sending that out, hopefully, this Sunday night in our first publication of TSWbooks Shout Out so be sure to get signed up on the email list to get updates on the development of Lockheed Elite.

Here’s something else that is quite exciting in this little life of mine.  I am, so far, just a sci-fi writer but I love me some fantasy too so I’ve been toying with a story line.  Early last week I was up late and couldn’t sleep cuz I couldn’t stop thinking about this story.  So I just started writing it down.  It started as a prologue type of writing but I think it morphed into a Chapter One!  This thing is dark, visceral and seriously engaging. I was able to really draw the reader right into the story. I’ve gotten some truly amazing feedback so far so I’m really excited to explore this some more. It might be the best thing I’ve ever written.  I’ll keep you up to date as The Awakening (working title) develops.

Other news:

I have finished my first Author Interview and will be send that out this Sunday night in the TSWbooks Shout Out as well.  These guys are co-authors of a book I had the pleasure of reading.  Don’t miss out.  Be sure to sign up for the TSWbooks Shout Out for the link to read it!

Thanks for reading!!


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