these are interesting times…

Hey y’all,

I have found myself at an interesting time in this authorship thing I’m doing. I’m having an absolute blast trying to figure all of this out, how to get my name and writing out there, how to create a website and integrate it with things like Facebook and Twitter. Not to mention the mountains of fun I’m having creating a story that I, without a doubt, love.

Here’s where I’m at: The website is finally finished and is up and running. This has been weighing on me for quite some time and now I really feel comfortable with it and having this done lets me focus more energy on finishing Pandora’s Chase.

I’ve also decided to use the pen name Tyler Scott instead of my full name. I did this for several reasons but the main ones are that I think it looks nicer on a book cover and I think it’s easier to remember and tell people about. Wandschneider has always been a tough one to tell people about and basically no one can spell it from hearing it for the first time.

With all of that done and behind me I have been spending time with Pandora’s Chase every single day, sometimes hours at a time and I’m thrilled to express that I’m getting really close to finalizing it with a professional proofreader. I can honestly tell you that I will be searching for an agent beginning in just a few months and I cannot tell you how excited and scared that makes me feel. We’ll get there!!

Other news:

I’m under way with an author for the next interview and I’m hoping to get that out by the end of the month. We have the first round of questions finished and I just need to finish reading his book. I’ve picked a bit of a darker title this time that dives into the disorder of war. This is his debut novel and I’m diggin reading it so far so stay tuned for that interview release.

Lockheed Elite Episode One – Part Two is also under way.  Unfortunately it’s going a bit slower since I’ve been focusing so hard on Pandora’s Chase but I think it’s important for me get that done. I’m approaching the end of five years running on that book and I’m ready to finish it and start writing book 2!!!

Lastly, I’m thinking about giving you all a glimpse of a fantasy story I’ve been toying with. Death’s Awakening is a working title for that. If darkness had a way to hold you still it would use this story as its medium to get that done.  Once I figure out the best way to introduce that to you, I’ll let you know.

Cheers and thanks for reading.

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