Identity Crisis…

Hiya…it’s been awhile since I last posted. Apparently, not posting often can be misunderstood as total sin in the blogging world. But hey…I don’t have that much to say and I don’t want to bore you with posting junk just to post something.

Plus, I’ve been in Europe for the last 3 weeks on vacation. I was with my lovely wife, Maryna, so I think I have good reason. We had a blast goofing off together in London, Paris, Carcassonne, Grenoble, Montpelier and Nice. I may have missed a couple cities but that’s alright.

Anyway. Away with that and onto what this blog post is about. In this post you will find updates for Pandora’s Chase and the next Author Interview and info on my little identity crisis…

Update on Pandora’s Chase:

I am pleased to announce that I have made all the planned large-scale changes to Pandora’s Chase. Huge milestone there and I’m wicked excited about it. Its a huge motivator for me! What does this mean for completion? My next thing is to just work on language, language and language.  I want it to read well so I’m going to work extra hard on this. After that, a professional proofread. Which should be quick if I do well on the language edit!!  I can comfortably say we’re at 95% completion as of today!!!! More on that later…

Author Interview:

In this installment of the Author Interview I bring to you R.J. Jojola, author of On the Verge. I read this book during my vacation and I must say…it was awesome! Really. Just a great story to read with fulfilling twists. On the Verge is a dark fantasy novel based in a delicious world with great characters and I’m happy to recommend it to anyone. Rachael so far has been ecstatic about letting us into her world of authoring On the Verge. We have officially begun the interview and you can be expecting that in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned…

Identity Crisis:

Alright so in the last post I told you that I had decided to use the pen name Tyler Scott. That was a decision based on how my name would look on a book cover and how easy it would be to repeat my name, look it up or remember it. Unfortunately, that process made me feel like I abandoned my name. I immediately began missing my last name. I felt incomplete. Like I lost something. Guilt, weaved its way in there too and so I came to a decision. A decision based on a gut feel that felt normal to me. If you know me you would agree that I am a bit unique. A geek of sorts that sways to the dorky side. Odd, would help to but not define me. Therefore, I’ve decided to use my real name. To be unique, odd, different…is a normal feeling for me. It feels right.

So once again. I will be going through the process of changing my website domain and social media addresses so they point to…Tyler Wandschneider. Please forgive me for the inconvenience.

Thanks for reading.

Till next time friends.


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