Got Published…

So pretty cool news…Lockheed Elite is published!! Yup no joke, check it out here… LOCKHEED ELITE

The story behind this is I was invited by to submit my writing to be considered for publication on the website. I was accepted!

It’s a website platform for vetted authors to post their work in a serial format where they upload in succession their writing that may or may not link a story together. From what I can see, most of these authors upload a chapter at a time of a book they have already written or are in the process of writing. Anyone that signs up ($5/month tiny fee), can subscribe to a number of the serials and read them as they are posted.

I’m excited about it because I get some exposure and also get to help out the world at the same time. I elected to have any money donated to I have 3 subscribers already! Care to join them????

In other cool news….I read a book last night. I know what you’re thinking. Big deal, you sat down and read for a while. Au contraire! I mean I literally read a whole friggin’ full length novel in one sitting! The book really was great, worth the time and worth the effort. And while the book really was great, I have to admit, when I was about 3/4 through, I was like…”I have to finish this so I can say I read a whole book in one sitting.” I’m not sure if that’s done a lot but I never have before and I think it was pretty cool. It was like watching a really long but good movie. I love those!!

Oh…the book…yeah…I guess you’d like to know which one. The Martian by Andy Weir. Definitely check it out if you haven’t already!

More news. Pandora’s Chase is on the verge of completion. I’m scheduled to hand my final draft over to the editor on Nov 8th so I’m excited for that to be out of my hands for a little while. I have been plotting book 2 here and there for the last week. I have my general theme laid out, the backbone of the story, and I think it may require a story within a story framework to get it done.  Honestly, I’m really excited about that aspect. So many great books were written with that frame. I am a little weary about considering it for book 2 of a trilogy as book 1 was not written that way but we’ll have to see. I have to do a little research on that and some thinking and planning to make sure.

Til next time…write on!


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