Lockheed Elite – Soft Launch

Lockheed Elite


This is a soft launch of the presale. However, I’m still offering the Kindle book up for free for anyone who promises to write a review on the release day which is August 17th!

It’s a soft launch because we have the Kindle book available and we’re still jumping through hoops to get the print book presale up and running. It’s proving to be a difficult lesson in patience and, as I said, hoop jumping. A skill in which I’m becoming swifter as the days pass by.

But here we are! The Kindle book is available and so is the print book!”

“$14.95!??!!??” you say. I agree. It’s a bit steep so I fixed it!

The price is actually $11.99! Yes, even if you put it in your shopping cart now at $14.95. The price officially changes to $11.99 on August 1st, and you don’t get charged for the purchase until it ships which will be a couple days before the 17th so it will be $11.99 for all. Feel free to wait until the price shows $11.99 though, I get it.

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