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Lockheed Elite

a novel by Tyler Wandschneider

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Seattle-based Author, Tyler Wandschneider, is proud to release his next novel Lockheed Elite in both paperback and ebook form. Lockheed Elite is an adventurous science fiction novel that harnesses elements of mystery and intrigue.

After Anders Lockheed unwittingly hires an undercover operative, he takes the bait that draws the attention of the very mastermind he’s been avoiding. Now Anders must flip the military and use them to pull off a monster heist to extract his crew from the heat mounting from both sides of the law.

Lockheed Elite was first published in 1st draft form on as a serialized piece where Tyler received much praise for the crafting of this story. Among such praises are:

“Okay. So I loooove sci-fi; the classics like Bradbury and the new kids on the block like Weir. This series and this author will not disappoint soft and hard fans of the genre. Even those who have never delved into the world of sci-fi before will find this series entertaining, emotional, and exciting. Lockheed Elite gripped me right from the first word for two reasons: deep and believable characters, and subtle but edge of your seat action.” – Jae Mazer, Author of Chrysalis and Clan

“Tyler- Within the first chapter I found an all new appreciation for your genre. I’m there, you made it real. That’s how I felt. Your entertainment value is also highly re-readable. I will be carrying on with your story. High five.” – Dan Fecht, Author of Obvious Secret Identity

…and more.

Tyler Wandschneider is available for interviews, guest blogs and podcasts, etc. He can be reached through his website, email, or phone. Review copies of Lockheed Elite are available upon request.

Author Bio:

Tyler Wandschneider is a Seattle-based novelist working in the professional world. He and his wife are expecting their first child in October 2017. It is a girl, and he is delighted to meet her. Lockheed Elite is his second novel, and no, you cannot read his first. You can follow Tyler on some of the usual social media channels, and he has a website for you to check out as well, You can subscribe to his newsletter there in which he shares all the trouble he gets into. He is also fond of hearing from those who have enjoyed reading Lockheed Elite.

Contact information:

Tyler Wandschneider

1250 Taylor Ave N, #102

Seattle, WA 98109

414 403 8300

Or Contact Tyler here: (This is not a signup form.)