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Lockheed Elite

by Tyler Wandschneider
Stars in Hand
“‘These designers, whoever they are, have figured out how to make organic tissue fuse with an android skeleton with mechanical and electrical components. And it doesn’t stop there.'”

Captain Anders is a spaceship scavenger who leads his ship Elite One into the depths of space. His goal is to find decommissioned spaceships in order to strip from them their copper and other components. He is helped by his first mate Jones and a technological genius nicknamed Wicked. Wicked is light years past other crew members of the Elite Onein his unceasing inventions and technological prowess. After Anders and crew find a rather new-looking decommissioned Galactic Command cruiser in the middle of nowhere, they chance upon a strange young woman fast asleep in subzero temperatures on board. Taken aboard the Elite One, Aura miraculously recovers. Unfortunately, what at first appears to be random good fortune may actually be part of a cleverly constructed trap.

This work of military speculative fiction is full of interesting explorations, technological innovations, and a plethora of plot twists. The author’s skill in character development results in highly relatable and sympathetic protagonists as well as a detestable antagonist. The plot contains all of the requisite elements for an entertaining read: action, intrigue, comedy, suspense, and a developing romance. It is also multifaceted and set in a projected future where the problems of bureaucracy and over-centralization are still writ large. In addition, the shadow side of super-soldiery programmed to only serve an organized crime power plays a key role in the storyline. However, at its heart, this is a straightforward, unpretentious, and enjoyable tale of adventure and unfolding self-awareness. Fans of futuristic fiction will have much to explore and discover in this intriguing novel.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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