Tyler Wandschneider was born in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin where he spent most of his childhood doing one of two things. He’d either watch movies or get on his bike and ride all over hell and back looking for as many wooded areas to explore as possible. Those were his two main adventures. Getting lost in a story on the screen or getting lost in the woods.

As a young boy, Tyler wasn’t too fond of reading and writing. He found his joy in stories by watching them. One summer, he watched Tango and Cash every single morning before getting on his bike. By the end of the summer he could recite the entire movie as it played. In case you didn’t know, this is very, very impressive.

Though he found it hard to enjoy reading, there were a few books that left unique impressions on him. Among those were The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, How to Eat Fried Worms, and possibly the most memorable…Where the Red Fern Grows. Thinking back, Tyler fondly remembers a story he wrote as a child. It contained a boy, in the woods, seeking adventure. If anyone finds this story, please send a copy, he is desperate to read it again.

Tyler’s formidable years are when he lost interest in reading altogether. There was no particular incident that inspired this, it just happened. Tyler hustled is way through school making sure to leave books closed and get his story fix from movies instead. Unfortunately, most books just seemed boring. Perhaps, they were simply the wrong ones. No one had yet introduced him to stories like Ender’s Game, The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, and, of course, The Name of the Wind until much, much later.

Fast forward to adulthood, Tyler was walking home from a movie with his wife and found himself thinking about the story he wrote as a child. He remembers the moment fondly because a very clear desire hit him. In that moment he told his wife he wanted to create a story of his own. The very next morning he began his journey and has been reading and writing ever since. He devoured stories good and bad, new and old all while creating his own. His first attempt at a full novel was not as wonderful as he’d imagined. Not many are but he knew this one to be sub-par and wishes to say nothing more of it at this time.

So Tyler kept plugging along and discovered motivating inspiration inside two stories. The show Firefly by Joss Whedon and the book Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. Tyler loved the show and missed it enough to create his own band of misfits. He threw them in a ship, surrounded them with life in space, and gave them as much trouble and adventure as possible. The book Mistborn gave him the inspiration to use the third-person-limited writing style. In this style, he found the freedom to reveal and conceal as many secrets as he saw fit.

A few years later Lockheed Elite was published and Tyler found instant joy when others shared their love for his story. Family, personal friends, and electronic friends and strangers all seemed to take well to Lockheed Elite. Story quality was further confirmed through a Silver Book Award given by Literary Titan in September of 2017 just one month after publication. Since then Lockheed Elite has landed some great editorial and personal reviews and Tyler was invited into several interviews as well.

Moving forward to the present, Tyler has finished the rough draft of Lockheed Elite 2.0 (Dec 2018) and has made much progress in his epic sci-fi The Rift in Saela. There are also plans for Lockheed Elite 2.5 and 3.0.

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