You Unsubscribed?

Dear Mr. Tyler,

“Thank you for all the unforgettable times and the amazing stories.” Said the Unsubscriber regrettably before continuing on with a very sad goodbye. “Best of luck to you and your travels and may your pen never run dry.”

Tyler smiled warmly in his own goodbye. “It was a pleasure sharing my mind goo with you. No doubt you will be missed and I thank you for the support you lended me in trying to make my dream come true.” When Tyler finished, a small tear squeezed from his eye and was quickly mirrored on the Unsubscriber’s saddening face.

The two friends shook hands one final time and parted ways. With backs turned and chins up, there was a sadness in the air. It wasn’t a sadness of betrayal or heartbreak, it was a sadness two friends find when they accept that their friendship must take different paths…for just a little while.

‘Till next time friend, I truly thank you for lending me your ear.